TMR-272 (although it says TMR-271 on the disc)
Third Man Records
Released: April 1 2014


This is the 7" Jack White - High Ball Stepper, which got sent out to radio stations only and a few random Vault memembers in relation to the announcement of Jack Whites' second solo album on April 1 2014. It features only and A-side, which is the album version of High Ball Stepper.

The special thing about this 7" is the label, which is that it's made of felt. It's the certainly the softest label I've ever felt (pun intended). Not sure if it's visible from this close up.

The other thing is that the label contains an error in the sense that they are marked with TMR-271, where as they are (according to Third Man Records catalogue) in fact TMR-272.

Other than that the version of High Ball Stepper is the same version as the one on the album. Which is a great instrumental track.

I got this from the nicest seller on Discogs recently: cryptocomx. I bought something else from him and just because he was a little slow in shipping it he decided to add this item for free. He even had a perfectly valid explanation for stalling a bit. If he has a record you need, buy from this guy. Thanks, Nathan!

P.S. Due to the corona outbreak I won't be able to post as much as usual because we're scrambling to make ends meet with a 1-year old an closed daycare.