Third Man Records
Released: March 9 2018
Thermonuclear coup ferre

For the first #ThirdManThursday I'm participating in, I'm sharing my Jack White - "Over and over and over" 7" tri-color, limited pre-listening party version. This one also pretty rare as only one copy was made available per specially selected record store world wide for a pre-listening party for Jack White's new album "Boardinghouse Reach". Approximately 200 records stores made the list. Among these 3 here in Denmark. I must admit that I "cheated" and bought mine from a local store here in Denmark. I did not win it.

So what's so special about this 7"?

First of all it's tri-colored in beautiful Jack White signature blue, white and black.

On the back it has the Third Man Records logo etched:

Finally, nice little detail. The sleeve also has the Third Man Logo embossed onto the paper ❤️.

Apart from that the only difference is that this version doesn't have "Everything you've ever learned", but only "Over and over and over", which can also be seen on the back.

As for the track.  Apart from "Respect Commander" it is also one of my favorite tracks on the album. It's also the most "White Stripes"-esque track on the album despite not being even remote close to a White Stripes track. The track does have some good fuzz on that guitar 😋.

Curiously, the track's name is "Over and over and over" but in the lyrics Jack only sings "Over and over". Despite having listened to the Boardinghouse Reach so many times I still haven't fully understood it. It's like, really digging Captain Beefhearts "Sure 'nuff and yes I do" and then putting on their album "Trout Mask Replica" and be like: "what the fuck is this?". That's my reaction to Boardinghouse Reach so far.🤯

I'm not saying that Blunderbuss and Lazaretto was just White Stripes with a bigger band. Not all. But it's more like, Blunderbuss, Lazaretto and the White Stripes albums are the same kind of art. Where as the new album is something completely different.

Still you'll have to wait to until I have fully understood Boardinghouse Reach to see it here and get a deeper dive into this track.