Flying Bomb Records
Release: 2001

Ok this is a weird one, but bare with me, because it's awesome. Wildbunch was a staple at The Gold Dollar in Detroit around the same years as White Stripes (1999-2000). Lead by lead singer Dick Valentine the band later had to change name to Electric Six because of pressure from a UK band with the same name. This one is their latest single, before they changed their name and it carries their big hit: "Danger! High Voltage". And it's a delightful mix of funk, blues and rock'n'roll. And the video is funny as hell. Take a look:

If only music videos were made like this today.

Apart from the track just being straight out awesome another interesting part about it is that I wanna bet my right arm that Jack White is the second vocalist on the track – something that has been widely disputed by the band who claims that it was an auto-mechanic who won a competition. But come on, nobody else have that high pitched raspy voice. Curiously, on Discogs the second vocalist is listed as John S. O'leary, which carries an image of Jack White.

Not a big fan of the B-sides to this single, but their album Fire, which also features Danger! High Voltage is really great:


A kind follower on Instagram sent me a link to an interview with Dick Valentine where he discussed this track and Jack White's appearance it:

I must admit that I thought it was so obvious Jack White, but I couldn't find any confirmation on it from the band. All I could find was rumours about this auto-mechanic. But here you have it from the horses mouth that it was Jack White who is the second vocalist on the track.